Volume 4, Issue 8
December, 2006


an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational positioning that creates a new line of sight.
From the Greek: to change
Para: to see.
Are We Ready For Supply Risk Officers? *
By Lonnie Childs
As a result of some major collapses in the financial industry (Barclay's currency hedging disaster) and increasingly complex regulatory requirements (Sarbanes-Oxley), the role of the CRO developed in the last 10 years to provide focus around managing risk, primarily in the financial and energy sectors, but also in many businesses with extensive foreign operations.
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How Best Buy Walks the Customer-Centricity Talk”: Musings on an Evening with Bob Willett, CEO of Best Buy International *
By Bill McBeath
As North America's largest electronics retailer, Best Buy's phenomenal success (they grew from $5B a decade ago to $31B today, and still growing more than 10% per year) can be attributed to how they leverage their supply chain and technology, not just to improve efficiency, but also to enhance the customer experience and build a strong trusted brand.
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Complimentary articles marked with an asterisk *

Dear Colleagues,

Parallax View has been in front on the discussion of Risk, penning the first publication on Risk and Resiliency in the Supply Chain.  We are heartened by the subsequent writing on the topic. But what has eluded the wider community is the actual implementation of methods to address Risk. And you don’t need me to remind you that our world has gotten more risky in the last few years.

Not withstanding Secretary Paulsen’s trip to China last month, the western economies (I hope to soon dispense with such a term as we create a truly global and peaceful world) have put much of their future in the hands of some business partners who culturally and financially are not understood by most Westerners.

I find it amusing that Government shows up on the scene many years after the die has been cast to talk about trade policy. No doubt, the awful din is increasing by voters about job creation/sustainment, and we have seen many of our customers migrate to emerging supply markets. Conversely, protests in G7 nations (with low birth rates) continue on the emigration, yet these economics cannot sustain themselves without the entry level people. 
You either have to go get them (outsource) or bring them in.

We have been down these roads before. These decisions were made over a decade ago.  One key point, if you were Wen Jiabao and had almost one billion citizens to lead, how sensitive would you be to the pleas of the G1 nations to share.  The upside of this point is that the so called emerging economies like Vietnam et al are unlikely to do anything to reduce their ability to grow and support the needs of the 21st century material crazed societies of the globe. The amazing thing is to watch China rapidly shedding the shadow of Mao.  

However, risk comes in many facets, from missing the market’s true demand and having a poor response capability, to having your IT systems hacked (more frequent than companies like to admit), to piracy and counterfeiting, to terrorism, to pandemics.   In the past we had a role in the enterprise for the Risk Manager, but here focus was primarily on currency and financial concerns.  Here in Parallax View, we would like to expand that role to a broadened definition to meet today’s concerns on corporate Risk.  Look at our 3Pe sections to get a view of what you need to do now.

Our globe trotting team has seen it and felt it in the last few weeks, from China, to Costa Rica, to South Africa, and North American locals.  So our view is not just arm chair oriented.  These pages should help you think about these issues.

The holiday season has its own promotions.  So here is ours.  If you sign up for one year of Parallax View, you can receive two ChainLink research reports.  You can pick them now from the existing catalogue, or wait for upcoming reports that might interest you in 2007.  
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We look forward to an exciting year of new innovations and new stories by our many friends and customers.  Most joyous of seasons and health and wealth for your life time!