Volume 4, Issue 5
June 2006


an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational positioning that creates a new line of sight.
From the Greek: to change
Para: to see.
The Interview: Getting Real with Paul Fox
Chairman, Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy*
By Ann Grackin
With continued Supply Chain outsourcing to low cost producers, piracy and counterfeiting loom large. So large it seems that there are billions of counterfeit goods that come to the US each year, what to say of the lost revenue in these counterfeiting market places.

So I went to meet with Paul Fox, who is the Chairman of the Coalition Against Counterfeiting & Piracy(CACP), as well as Senior Vice President at Gillette. Paul speaks very eloquently on these issues surrounding counterfeiting and piracy. Who better to have our minds opened and shocked than Paul, by the risks for companies and consumers in these illicit supply chains?
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Mini-Report: Nothing Happens Without the Data
By Ann Grackin
With RFID on the horizon, firms have the opportunity to improve their business information. However, in the Supply Chain we have a long way to go. In this mini report the causes and costs of poor data are discussed, as well as the solutions and business case to progress forward to fix the data quality issues in the supply chain.
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Complimentary articles marked with an asterisk *

Supply Chain practitioners have the broadest context as professionals!

Last year we talked about your adding sustainable practices to your charter. Then RFID was added to the charter. RFID adoption and deployment strategies continue to expand, with more to come.  How does the customer think? And more—preparing for unexpected events—disaster planning such as pandemics, tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes. And protecting the security of the chain and the quality of the product from counterfeiters!

Some of these challenges are not just unexpected, but truly unwelcome; whereas others are based on the growing sophistication of the people and the processes of running a global network. Improving Performance, superior information management are all part of the game.

This issue of Parallax View provides you some insights into all these categories. It makes you think about—who am I as a supply chain professional? What skills do I need to lead in this increasing complex world? To answer that, we will dedicate the next few issues of the magazine—plus also dedicate the agenda of Supply Chain- It’s a Whole New Game—Parallax Views 2006, our conference in Bermuda.

Join us for some deep thinking, inspiration and fun in Bermuda in November…and enjoy reading.