Volume 4, Issue 1
January 2006


an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational positioning that creates a new line of sight.
From the Greek: to change
Para: to see.
The Fourth Dimension: Part 1
By Ann Grackin & The ChainLink Research Team
The concept of computers becoming more human-like has been the pursuit of computer scientists -- the creation of many complex communications that lead to models that synthesize, not just binary "yes or no-s", but creating new perceptions. This is not an article about computer mimicry of humans, but about new generations of technology and how it will evolve to support our world.
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Digital Forensics:
4th Dimension Part 2

By Carla Reed
Reflecting on the value of forensics in the physical world, I began to see a parallel in the digital world that is the real virtuality of our age. Digital forensics, a subset of the science known as computer forensics, comprises part of the arsenal of those who police and protect the cyberworld.
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Welcome to 2006!

2005 was an exciting and transitional year. Finally we had some excitement and movement forward in technology.  Technology does not solve all problems, but putting our heads in the sand and not learning and taking advantage of what comes along, just gets us further behind the curve. And many firms are behind the curve, grappling with enterprise implementations of the 90’s, when we are already half way thru the next decade, with two technology shifts already behind us.

We feel real good about the directions and predications from the last few years…being on point is a great place to be if you are in the business of seer.
We are entering a new Dimension of technology which will have huge ramifications for your business. Techniques to find and learn from your data we call Digital Forensics will help you find and associate streams of data from infinite sources. Services are moving on network and on-demand. And all these sources of information will exacerbate the challenges associated with data management.

Our current and next issue of Parallax View will delve into these difficult yet exciting topics, preparing you to think about what lies ahead and how you ready yourself, and your company for these tectonic shifts.

The time is gone when business executives can leave technology decisions to IT people.  The architectural underpinning of solutions today makes a huge difference in what problems they solve and how they solve them, so learning, reading, educating yourself is the key.

That leads me to a short discussion on ChainLink Research.  We have made significant changes to our service offerings which will be rolled out over the next few months.

Yes, we are asking you to opt-in again, and more, as you will see.  Our goal is to provide you relevant content, notifications, research and e-learning on topics you want to be informed about.  That is a challenge, but we will be implementing new web tools in the next few months that will allow us to do this.

Join us for our upcoming webinar on January 31st and learn more about the 4th Dimension.

And join us for 2006, a year of enrichment!