Volume 3, Issue 7
December 2005


an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational positioning that creates a new line of sight.
From the Greek: to change
Para: to see.
Two to Tango; But it Takes More than Two to do the single Version of the Truth
By Carla Reed
Key excerpts from our top global enterprise study on data sharing and the next generation of the
Information Age.
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Working Toward Truly Strategic Partnerships - or "Let’s get rid of Barney!"
By Bill Peterson
If good partnerships seem to be a rarity, true and lasting relationships that benefit both parties are downright unique. How to avoid a Barney relationship and create a partnership that really works!
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In the era of making memories, this has been a year to remember! With the Tsunami as the start, followed by record blizzards in the US, followed by Katrina, what to say of the London bombings!  Wild commodity prices; corporate losses. I have met a number of out of work people, or soon to be mustered out from the old venerable brands of the US (what’s good for General Motors, is good for the USA?).

As supply chain professionals, uncertainty has become a certainty.

In my early era of making memories, the hazy days of childhood, I remember an ancient neighbor lady from the ‘old country’.  Her house was a great stop on the way home from school. She provided excellent cookie inventories and story telling while we downed our milk and eyed yet another morsel. She told us the reason for holiday celebration and great feasts in the winter. (Now, if you are in Australia, I am sorry that you will not have a white Christmas), but hear goes:

In ancient times, while Europe and the northern countries were still tribal, people worshipped and lived by the seasons and the skies. At our darkest moments, when depression was likely to hit, well, what better time to celebrate! Gifts of various kinds—lights, sweets, etc., all graced even the poorest of homes, and gave them a sense of joy. Songs and dancing around the fire kept us happy and warm and gave a sense of unity to the tribes.

This makes sense to me. 

From a business perspective, sharing, partnering, etc., all seem to be words that we recoil from. But that is what makes it all work.  Therefore, this month is all about sharing. That's why we would like to share with you the replays of our last two webinars:
Channel Management as well as RFID & a Single Version of the Truth.

So, we have a few sweets to share. We hope to end this year on a note of joy! Early next year we will have an explosion of information to share with you all.

But back to the holidays. We have two to tango and more than two to SVoT, and then we have Global Views a plenty!

All that tango and SVoTing around….A bit of dancing and singing is highly recommended by the Parallax View team to make your holiday bright!

Peace on earth and peace be unto your loved ones and community!